Living Independently in an Assisted Living Facility

Currently, seniors aged 65 and over represent nearly 20% of the U.S. population. These seniors are more and more autonomous and aspire to a retirement different from those of their elders. Senior service residences or assisted living facilities illustrate the new aspirations of our seniors rather well.

Fit seniors who know what they want

Given the increase in life expectancy as well as the phenomenon of the grandpa and grandma-boom, we are now witnessing an explosion in the number of seniors, who, let us say, retain their autonomy more and more later. Most seniors today aspire to values of freedom and collective experiences while seeking a certain comfort in life. The latter therefore wish to benefit from services that make their daily lives easier in order to live their retirement to the fullest.

Taking Care of Needs

Another criterion of importance for seniors is maintaining the social link. Often, far from their loved ones, elders feel a certain loneliness and therefore they need to remedy it. The Senior Residence or assisted living facility is a friendly living environment adapted to seniors. Far from nursing homes being generally similar to an end-of-life place, senior service residences offer a universe adapted to seniors, thus taking into consideration all their needs and desires.

The Comfort

Designed with the aim of providing them with maximum comfort, these residences have very specific characteristics. They are composed of independent housing organized around collective spaces. The residences allow all residents to flourish at home without giving up their habits, while enjoying the benefits of community life, namely that pets are accepted in residences.

The Amenities

In terms of the environment, residences are generally located close to shops, doctors, and pharmacies, not far from public transport. In terms of equipment, the residences offer common areas such as club lounges, parks, and gardens, the dining room, the swimming pool, or, for example, an outdoor courtyard for relaxing, which promotes the development of social ties between residents.

The Accommodation

As for the accommodation, whether furnished or not, here too, the emphasis has been placed on the comfort, accessibility, safety and ergonomics of the dwellings. From the fully equipped kitchen to the bathroom designed to avoid unwanted accidents, everything is thought out, once again, to simplify the lives of our seniors. If you are interested in a Florida assisted living facility, you can rest assured that most of them are geared towards keeping seniors safe and comfortable.