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WEDNESDAY, May possibly 17, 2023 (HealthDay News) — Combining a swallowable gastric balloon with a weight reduction drug may perhaps be a way to get rid of significant human body pounds, a new review implies.

In about 8 months of combination procedure, contributors misplaced an common of 19% of their overall body weight, and substantially lowered their physique mass index (BMI), scientists report.

“Blend remedy provides providers significantly adaptability and further more possibilities in running obesity in clients who want further pounds reduction or amplified durability,” said guide researcher Dr. Roberta Ienca, from the Nuova Villa Claudia Clinic in Rome, Italy.

“The simplicity of use and minimal fee of adverse events make it an ideal primary excess weight reduction remedy that can be complemented by drugs or other treatments,” she extra.

Gastric balloons for weight decline are not new, but they haven’t been popular because they involve an endoscopy for placement, the study authors explained. This new swallowable balloon from Allurion Technologies eradicates the have to have for a health-related method. (Ienca and her two co-authors are advisors for Allurion.)

In the noninvasive method, the balloon is swallowed as a capsule and is filled with liquid immediately after it reaches the belly. The outpatient course of action can take about 20 minutes. Right after about 16 months, the balloon is excreted by natural means.

The balloon lowers the volume of foods that can be ingested, which potential customers to body weight reduction. Having the diabetic issues drug liraglutide (Saxenda) boosts feelings of fullness and suppresses appetite, introducing to the weight loss, the researchers noted. Liraglutide is a glucagon like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA).

Not all bodyweight-loss gurus believe that gastric balloons are a remedy to being overweight, even so, mostly because they’re temporary.

“I do not endorse a balloon to my clients unless they have a limited-expression will need for anything, say it truly is not secure to get a transplant or it truly is not safe and sound to get a knee or hip substitute,” claimed Dr. Jamie Kane, director of Northwell Health and fitness Heart for Bodyweight Management, in Fantastic Neck, N.Y.

In accordance to Kane, superior alternatives for the extensive expression consist of bariatric surgery, newer prescription drugs these types of as Ozempic and Wegovy (semaglutide), and, of class, way of living alterations together with a healthier eating plan, part command and exercising.

“You really should constantly be thinking lengthy phrase — which is the principal information,” added Kane, who played no position in the research.

Dr. Mitchell Roslin, director of bariatric surgery at Northern Westchester Clinic in Mount Kisco, N.Y., just isn’t a lover of the gastric balloon, possibly.

“By placing a balloon in people today they shed a whole lot of bodyweight early, but eventually the thermostat or the electrical power regulation centre in the mind isn’t going to be reset,” stated Roslin, who was not concerned in the analyze.

The extended pounds loss is largely owing to the treatment. “If you didn’t have the medicine, they’d regain all of their fat immediately after the balloon is eradicated,” Roslin explained.

“The helpful resources that we have are bariatric surgical processes and the GLP analogs,” he mentioned. “What they equally share in popular is they modify the strength regulation centre in the mind.”

“Short term products are just that, they are short term,” Roslin additional. Weight loss is a “life time determination no make a difference what you do.”

The examine involved 181 overweight males and women of all ages whose ordinary pounds was 209 pounds. All got the balloon and were also given liraglutide, which controls the release of insulin in the pancreas and leads to body weight decline. The drug was started a single to 4 months just after balloon placement.

After 16 months, individuals shed an regular of 29 kilos and 14% of their preliminary human body bodyweight. They also lose an typical of 74% excess fat.

Immediately after the balloon handed from the physique, patients had been place on a Mediterranean diet plan and adopted for at least 6 months.

Neither remedy was connected to really serious side effects. Facet results from the balloon include nausea, vomiting and belly cramps. 4 people had the balloon eliminated because of to intolerance, gastric dilation or early balloon deflation, the scientists mentioned.

Facet effects from liraglutide involved nausea, diarrhea, constipation and headache. 4 contributors discontinued the drug due to the fact of a rapidly heartbeat, chest ache or gastrointestinal signs.

The results had been scheduled for presentation Wednesday at the annual meeting of the European Congress on Obesity, in Dublin, Ireland. Research offered at health-related conferences ought to be considered preliminary till revealed in a peer-reviewed journal.

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