Community Moves Health & Fitness Launches New “Longevity

NEW YORK, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, and mental health problems are some of the issues more commonly faced by older adults. However, engaging in regular, structured exercise, is a great way to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve the quality of life. Community Moves Health & Fitness is one such health and fitness service that exclusively caters to people over the age of fifty who need to engage in more structured and regular physical activity. The Community MovesLongevity Program” is their latest launch which is an 8 module program that focuses on helping older adults learn to exercise safely, whilst addressing some of the most common areas of physical dysfunction.

Community Moves incorporates aspects of strength development, aerobic conditioning, mobility and flexibility, balance, and coordination in their structured group exercise sessions. Community Moves aims to help people become healthier and fitter versions of themselves while reaching their true potential. All their programs, including the latest free-to-access Longevity Program, are designed to have a positive health impact on their participants. This helps in improving their quality of life and reducing both the risk of chronic diseases and the frequency of visits to the doctor.

Community Moves “Longevity Program”

The Community Moves Longevity Program is designed exclusively for people who are over the age of fifty. Consisting of eight modules that focus on areas like movement patterns, postural and balance exercises, spine health, hip mobility and stability, thoracic mobility exercises, and much more. The entire program is designed in a well-structured manner that takes the participants from the very basics to the advanced levels of exercising. What’s makes the “Longevity Program” unique is the fact that participants do not need anything more than some basic equipment. All the exercise sessions are designed to be able to be performed in the comfort of people’s homes.

The Founder of Community Moves Health & Fitness; Van Marinos, believes in creating stronger bodies, stronger minds, and a stronger community. With research supporting the positive effect that exercise and physical fitness has on people’s overall bodies, he believes that it is essential that people adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Joining the Community Moves Longevity Program also helps people improve their quality of life by allowing them to communicate with like-minded people who share a passion for fitness. The program helps participants broaden their connections and share the joy of regular exercise with like-minded people in a fun and social environment. 

Community Moves also offer nutrition and accountability coaching for members who are looking to further improve their health using diet and weight loss protocols. Community Moves operates using their four key ‘S’ principles and their programs are; specialized, social, sustainable, and supportive. The aim of this organization is to help Australians over the age of fifty to grow stronger, not older while also improving their physical, mental, and social health. Founder of Community Moves, Van Marinos is also planning on growing the business by franchise to help reach more people.

Key Focus Areas

Community Moves is dedicated to helping its members improve all aspects of their physical fitness including strength, aerobic capacity, mobility, balance, and coordination so that they can continue to live an active and healthy life. All their group exercise sessions incorporate various health aspects and focus on key areas such as – 

  • Strength Development
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Balance & Coordination


For older adults, physical inactivity is a major contributor to high levels of chronic diseases and failing physical functions associated with ageing. This is why the Community Moves Health & Fitness, and the Longevity Program has been specifically designed to help older adults engage in more regular physical activity and hopefully start to turn the dial on poor health, improving and enriching their lives.

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