How is a Second Career in Nursing Achievable at Any Age?

Changing careers can be an empowering experience, especially if you have considered the reasons you want to switch paths and what you hope to achieve. It’s never too late to start this process and to be successful doing so. The first step can be as simple as speaking to people employed in the industry and learning more about the benefits, as well as the challenges.

The sooner you start the sooner you will graduate

Nursing is a popular choice for a second career and if you’ve always had a passion for caring, it’s worth taking your feelings seriously. Worrying about your age can delay making a life-changing decision. However old you are, if you start a bachelor’s degree now, you’ll complete it sooner. In six months or a year, you could graduate and be ready to start your new profession. Putting off your enrolment means you’ll still be thinking about changing jobs in a year, but you won’t be qualified.

The medical industry is constantly changing

You may have thought about nursing years ago, but your initial research may have discouraged you. Many careers in the profession did not exist as little as ten years ago, so pursuing your dream now will provide new opportunities. Additionally, it will present you with new, exciting challenges that might be missing from your current role.

You don’t have to stay in a job you don’t enjoy

We all deserve to work in a role and an environment that helps us feel happy and fulfilled. When you were younger, you may have craved the pressure of a career in finance or being outdoors all day for a role in animal care. After years in a particular position, the initial joy can turn into stress, and this can have a negative impact on your health – as well as your job satisfaction.

If that sounds familiar and you’re attracted to the medical field, becoming a second career nurse is not as complicated as you might think at Baylor University. Their Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing is aimed at people with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and is delivered mainly online, you’ll qualify within a year and be ready to take your place as a nursing professional.

Your talents can be transferred to a new field

If you are finding that your current role is falling short when it comes to personal and professional happiness, it can be difficult to remain dedicated until you retire. If you are worried that you’ve left it too late, think about the years you have left in your current role. Can you stay with it for that length of time? If not, there’s no reason to stay put when nurses are needed across the country. Allow yourself the opportunity to move into a career that will make you happy and offer a good pension plan.

Why do people think of nursing as a second career?

There are many reasons to consider nursing as a second career, primarily you’ll have great job security, excellent wages and the opportunity for professional development. If you are hoping to use the skills and knowledge gained in a past career to make it in the medical world, the emotional rewards are also significant. Every day you will be working alongside dedicated people who want to provide excellent patient care and transform lives, it’s an exciting place to be and one of extreme privilege. Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons that pursuing a nursing career later in life could be the right choice:

You’ll have a flexible work schedule

Some nurses need to be around in the mornings while others prefer to work late into the night. Whatever your preference, there are schedules to suit your needs in this profession. You can even choose to group your working days together in longer blocks, so you have an extended period of free time at the end of your work period. Other nurses prefer the structure of office hours to ensure they are around to meet family commitments. In this role, there are positions which meet every need.

The chance for professional growth

Nurses have a lot of mobility when it comes to advancing their careers. The principle of lifelong learning means that nurses who start out in one field can transfer to another by achieving the right certification. Many follow several pathways before settling on one that feels right. Some work their way to the top and become nurse practitioners, but there are numerous other roles to consider. Nurses manage busy medical facilities, they provide vaccination programs in rural clinics and some run triage services in emergency departments. There are plenty of opportunities for professional advancement, so everyone can find their niche within this diverse role.

Personal development is part of the job

By offering excellent patient care, learning new skills and reacting well in a crisis, nurses experience swift personal growth. Although a sense of achievement is possible to attain in most professions, in nursing, the deeper purpose adds something extra. The work revolves around helping other people with their recovery and positively influencing their health and fitness. Understandably, this provides a great deal of satisfaction.

Excellent financial benefits

In addition to a good basic salary, nurses can boost their monthly wages by taking advantage of bonus shifts, overtime and shift differentials. These additional perks are available as the result of a severe shortage of registered nurses, but they only tell half the story. Individual hospitals may provide further incentives, such as good rates on insurance and assistance with student loan repayments.

Being part of something incredible

According to a poll performed by Gallup, nurses are the most trusted individuals in the US. So, as well as enjoying job satisfaction and security, nurses can be confident that the public appreciates and respects their work. Whatever stage in life you are at, it’s never too late to pick nursing as your second career and enjoy many more rewarding years in the profession.