How to Do the Hammer Energy Row Machine Row for Again Muscle

IF YOU WANT to establish a huge back again, you’re likely to need to have to do a great deal of heavyweight rows. Regretably, that can frequently mean that you’ll wind up exposing your reduce again to the strains and tension that will come from the widespread bent-in excess of posture you can expect to use for key row variations.

If that’s the circumstance, one particular piece of machines that you’re likely now acquainted with—the Hammer Power row machine—will be an priceless addition to your back instruction regimen. If you have not presently commenced working with the device, suggests Men’s Wellness physical fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., it’s time to perform it in to your regime.

Why? Your decrease again is in a safer and much more steady posture all through the movement. This makes it possible for you to position your emphasis on the squeeze of your shoulder blades, which is in which you can expect to be enjoy the most muscle-constructing gains. This back again-teaching benefit permits you to obtain a greater lat stretch although nonetheless getting in a position to integrate far more poundage—but with a whole lot considerably less strain in the reduced back.

“I can not get that on a dumbbell row,” Samuel suggests. “I cannot get that on a barbell row, primarily from going weighty. I can get that right here. And that’s one particular of the explanations that I really wind up loving the Hammer Power row.”

Which Muscle groups You Use With the Hammer Toughness Equipment

You may possibly believe that a Hammer Power row device is very good just for hitting your lats, but you are also nailing a several supplemental muscle groups in your program, together with:

  • Rear Delts
  • Biceps
  • Forearms
  • Core
  • Decrease Back again

Who Really should Be Applying the Hammer Power Row Equipment

  • Bodybuilders
  • Strength athletes
  • Newbie lifters

Simply because the Hammer Power row machine is so easy, this movement advantage anybody who’s concerned in any sort of weight schooling regimen. Bodybuilders really like this go for its very low-effects character, which makes it possible for you to concentrate on your muscle mass devoid of a great deal complex challenge. You can load up large amounts of bodyweight, so strength athletes are equipped to make large gains as effectively. Even if you’re into purposeful fitness, this equipment allows you to work with a larger load—which can have more than to higher numbers with barbell and dumbbell movements. The Hammer Energy row is a fantastic choice for newbies to get acquainted with the essential mechanics of the row with out the obstacle of maintaining solid posture.

Location Up for the Hammer Toughness Row Machine

This exercise would seem simple—just sit and row—but like any other motion, the Hammer Toughness row machine row can be a minimal more nuanced than that.

The very first factor any consumer should be informed of is seat positioning. For starters, your best bet is to line yourself mid-upper body with the pad. This is essential since you are going to rely on the pad for a couple reasons:

  1. The pad will present you with actual physical feed-back. You’ll discover when your upper body starts off coming off of it mid elevate that could signify you could be getting rid of management of the exercising
  2. By protecting against your chest from transferring much too much ahead, you’ll however be capable to extend your lats a very little further, which will offer a good extend to the muscle mass.

You really do not just have to sit and row possibly, as the Hammer Strength row device can be done standing as perfectly, from either a regular shoulder-width stance or even a staggered stance.


You are going to recognize that the Hammer Strength machine gives you with a couple diverse handles for mixing up your grip from time to time—which indicates it is definitely to arrive up with a completely wrong way to grip this.

You can approach your hand positioning in a quantity of approaches. For max energy, go with the neutral (palms struggling with each other) grip. This is likely to have interaction your lats a bit extra than the other folks whilst allow for you to pull heavier weight.

You can also just take a wider grip, which will require considerably less weight but will provide a increased shoulder blade squeeze than other grips. You will also in fact change the muscle concentrate a little bit to your rear delts as effectively. One more possibility is to go equally fingers or bi-lateral, which is a wonderful way to seriously go large.

How to Do a Hammer Strength Equipment Row


Men’s Wellbeing

  • With the seat aligned so your upper body is protected with the chest pad, decide on your choice of hand positioning.
  • At the time you figured your grip placement, just take a deep breath and brace your stomach muscles as you generate your chest into the pad.
  • Squeezing your glutes, let the bar pull you ahead slightly, providing you a wonderful supplemental extend.
  • From there, pull again each individual cope with as you drive your upper body into the pad, somewhat building a hinge into the movement.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades—about two seconds should work—then return to start position.

How to Do the Hammer Machine Row in Your Exercises

Again, due to the fact it is these a flexible exercising, the Hammer Power row device can be performed both at the commence or conclusion of your back again session or higher body work out. If you are applying this at the beginning your workout, aim to go hefty, with about four sets of six to 10 reps each individual. As a finisher, you can pull to fatigue—probably extra successful with lighter fat than at the commence of a workout—for about 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps.

Jeff Tomko is a freelance health and fitness writer who has created for Muscle and Physical fitness, Men’s Exercise, and Men’s Wellbeing.

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