How to Take Care of Invisalign Aligners

Just like you brush your teeth every day, your Invisalign retainers need cleaning as well if you are to maintain your oral hygiene. By cleaning them, you ensure they remain invisible. One of the reasons most people choose Invisalign is due to its subtle nature compared to braces. Also, regular cleaning helps in preventing bad breath. If you want to see a transformation in your smile, here are a few ways you can take care of your aligners.

Make it a Habit to Clean the Aligners Regularly

Your Invisalign trays need to be cleaned often. When you are brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, clean your aligners. Use clean water and a soft toothbrush. The brush helps remove bacteria that can damage your teeth or cause bad breath. Get Effervescent tablets as they are effective as well for cleaning, and most researchers recommend them. 

Every Time You Remove Aligners, Rinse Them

By rinsing your aligners, you are removing any lingering saliva or plaque before placing them in the case. Even if you are away from home, it is important to rinse them as it helps prevent the growth of bacteria. You can find a sink or a drinking fountain and simply rinse it. Also, avoid using hot water in an attempt to disinfect them. Hot water will bend the thermoplastic material and make it inefficient. 

Do Not Use Abrasive Materials to Clean the Aligner

Products like mouthwash, soap, and denture cleaners can ruin your aligners. They contain abrasives that can make the aligners appear dull or less invisible. This means when you wear them, it is easier for people to look at them.

The Invisalign Aligners need to Soaked Daily

Soaking the aligners every day keeps them hygienic, odor-free, and invisible. Get a glass of lukewarm water and put the Invisalign cleaning crystals inside, then put the aligners in and allow them to soak for about 15 minutes. When you are done, brush off the tray with a toothbrush, and you are good to go. 

Remove the Aligners Every time You Eat

Before you start eating, remove your Invisalign aligners. Otherwise, your meals will stain the aligners. Just like food particles stick to your teeth, they will also stick to your aligners. If not cleaned properly, the particles are then transferred to your teeth and, over time, create plaque. The insists that the only thing you can take with your aligners on is water.

Floss and Brush 

Food particles quickly get stuck on your teeth after eating. If you put the aligners on before brushing, it will be hard for your saliva to wash away any of these particles. This will result in bacteria building up and eventually plague. Also, you are putting your oral health at risk with issues like cavities and gingivitis. Therefore, after eating, always brush your teeth before wearing the aligners. 

Invisalign aligners have gained popularity when it comes to straightening teeth. However, if they are to serve you effectively, you need to maintain them well. This also helps keep them invisible. If you have younger kids wearing aligners, teach the cleaning routine as well.