Leading cardiologists and cardiologists in Houston

Who are the cardiologists?

A Cardiologist is also called a cardiologist who treats cardiovascular diseases, including cardiovascular disease. 

The scope of Cardiology should not be confused with hematology, which specializes in blood health and disease. Cardiac catheterization is a common heart procedure commonly performed by an invading cardiologist. The procedure involves inserting a catheter into a vein or artery to check for cardiovascular conditions and the cardiovascular system. Tests can check heart size, posture, and movement, as well as the strength of the heart walls and the possibility of bleeding.

A few subspecialties within the cardiology specialist include pediatric cardiology, echocardiography, and interventional cardiology. Echocardiography, for example, examines the sound waves produced by the heart to assess health and function, while interventional cardiology directly controls the invasive processes of cardiovascular conditions, usually with catheter-based treatment. Adult cardiology and pediatric cardiology are unique specialties with their own set of behaviors and medical training needs. Pediatric cardiologists need to complete a three-year stay in pediatric care, and (at least) a three-year fellowship in pediatric cardiology.

When to See a Cardiologist?

You should see a Cardiologist if you experience any of the symptoms listed below, and find the best cardiologists in Houston near you regardless of where you Houston:

•Shortness of breath

• Dizziness

• Pain that extends to the arm

• Fainting spells

• Flatulence in the chest

• Persistent chest pain

• Abnormal chest strokes

• Heartbeat

What factors should you keep in mind when choosing a cardiologist?

Consider the following criteria before choosing a cardiologist:

• Qualifications

• Experience

• Patient Reviews

Who is the No. 1 cardiologist in the world?

Drs. Salim Yusuf is a world-renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist whose work over 35 years has been instrumental in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease.

Leading Cardiologists in Houston

Below is a list of top and top cardiologists in Houston. To help you find the best cardiologist near you in Houston, our team at Kev’s Best compiled our list based on this list of rating points.

The best cardiologists in Houston are:

• Nadim M Zacca – Houston Methodist DeBakey Cardiology Associates

• Lalitha Sunder – Memorial Hermann

• Virendra S. Mathur – Hall-Garcia Cardiology Associates

• Philip Berman – Memorial Cardiology Associates

• George Mammen – Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates

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