What are the Positives & Negatives of Getting Veneers?

Veneers are one of the most popular dental solutions that thousands of people are getting today. Not only do they transform your smile, they also offer the opportunity to have better oral hygiene, and perfect any cracks that your natural enamel may have been exposed to. Veneers are a clever resin material that covers the front and sides of your enamel. They are perfectly shaped and coloured to the style you wish. Of course, as with any cosmetic treatment, there are positives and negatives to having this treatment done.

In this blog post, we will share some of the most important things to consider if you are looking at getting the veneer treatment done. Research should be completed, and you should have a complete understanding of the positives and negatives of the treatment. Take a look at the following suggestions:


They improve your smile

First of all, let’s cover the positives. One of the core positives of having veneers is the improved smile contribution they have. As a complete smile makeover treatment, you can expect your smile to be noticeably improved, which can give you a boost in confidence that you may have been lacking.

They are a long-term solution

Veneers last up to 10 years on average. This can vary depending on the type of veneer you get, and also the general wear and tear that your teeth experience. Overall, 10 years is a long time for any cosmetic treatment you may have. You get to enjoy the benefits of your perfect smile for a whole decade, how great is that!

They are stain resistant

Veneers are made out of a porcelain shell that acts as the closest alternative to the natural enamel we can get. This material is known to be highly stain resistant, therefore if you are worried about getting stains over the period of time you have them, you can rest assured the effects will be minimal and will quickly be revered by your dentist.


You have to remove some enamel

Veneer treatments often involve the removal of some enamel. This is to securely fit the veneer onto your tooth and make sure they are not too filling in your mouth. The removal of your enamel is not reversible and once it is gone, you can never go back to the original state of your teeth.

There are some unprofessional dental practices

With veneers becoming so popular, many unregulated dental practices have been offering veneers worldwide at an insanely low price. Thai reflects the quality of the work, as the teeth are often poorly done and damaged for the health of the patient. Always make sure that you visit a reputable dentist in Solihull if you want to avoid any disasters, and have a professional finish for your veneers.

Bottom line

Overall, veneers can offer life-changing results for many patients. If you are looking to improve your smile and fix any dental insecurities, make sure you carry out the correct research and opt for a professional dentist in Leamington Spa to avoid any botched results.