Woman’s dental remedy left her with agonizing ‘elephant skin’ all in excess of her face and entire body

A girl who forked out £1,000 for a new smile was rather left with ‘crusty’ distressing ‘elephant skin’ all around her facial area and physique.

Lily Lindsay, from Aberdeenshire, was impressed to get a established of veneers just after remaining viewing influencers on TikTok.

Composite veneers are tooth coverings designed utilizing resin to assist form teeth into a additional fascinating physical appearance.

But instead of repairing her existence-extensive insecurity, the 29-calendar year-outdated was still left with ‘crusty’ agonizing skin after what she statements to be an allergic reaction to the dental cure.

Lily claimed: ‘My veneers gave me immensely dry and flaky skin – like elephant pores and skin.

Lily Lindsay, from Aberdeenshire, paid £1,000 for dental composite veneers after watching influencers on TikTok was left with 'crusty' painful 'elephant skin' all over her face and body

Lily Lindsay, from Aberdeenshire, paid £1,000 for dental composite veneers after looking at influencers on TikTok was remaining with ‘crusty’ unpleasant ‘elephant skin’ all in excess of her experience and entire body

But instead of fixing her life-long insecurity, the 29-year-old was left with 'crusty' painful skin after what she claims to be an allergic reaction to the dental treatment

But alternatively of fixing her existence-very long insecurity, the 29-calendar year-previous was still left with ‘crusty’ unpleasant pores and skin right after what she statements to be an allergic reaction to the dental therapy

‘No physicians could support me – so I ended up on anti-depressants. It was absolutely consuming me.’

Right after seeing TikTok influencers getting the dental process in August 2022, she went to the ‘best dentist around’ and was ‘chuffed’ with the end result. 

But two weeks later on, Lily started to suffer from crimson, itchy eyes and dry skin.

She created an appointment with her health practitioner, who believed the concern may well be dermatitis – a issue that results in skin inflammation.

Lily suggests she was provided a cream and instructed to prevent anything at all containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – used in toothpaste and shampoo.

Just after no advancement, Lily claims she was given a steroid cream as it was believed she may well have eczema. 

Regardless of the redness clearing up following a thirty day period, the patches returned with a vengeance.

Lily mentioned: ‘It was so distressing below my arms – I could not even place my arms down or shower.’

She became so sad with her look that she grew to become increasingly frustrated. 

Lily's skin had no red patches, irritation or inflammation before having the veneer fitted

Lily’s pores and skin experienced no crimson patches, discomfort or inflammation in advance of acquiring the veneer equipped

Two weeks after her dental procedure, Lily's face started started to swell and her face started to flare with red patches

Two months after her dental treatment, Lily’s deal with commenced commenced to swell and her encounter begun to flare with pink patches 


Despite several visits to physician and trialing numerous distinct lotions, Lily’s overall body was included in ‘crusty’ distressing pink patches which still left her on anti-depressants 

After she had the veneers removed by her dentist, Lily's skin cleared up within two months

Just after she experienced the veneers eliminated by her dentist, Lily’s pores and skin cleared up within two months 

She stated: ‘My mum came up to visit me for a weekend, she could not bear to see me like that. In fact, she experienced to depart.

‘She could not cope with the way I seemed since I looked so unwell and she couldn’t do something to support me.’

‘I was just so lower at how I looked – it acquired to the stage the place I just didn’t want to be listed here any longer. I felt like a failure,’ she included. 

A personal skin doctor patch-tested Lily for 100 distinct allergens – but none had been flagged for the bring about.

By January 2023, Lily’s allergic response began to impact her immune program and she endured episodes of dizziness, ringing ears and black spots in her eyesight.

Allergy indicators assortment from delicate, these as a runny nose, to existence-threatening, like a swollen throat.

But a blood examination finally exposed the irritation was really inside her human body and not on her pores and skin.

This made Lily remember that her skin started out flaring up two months soon after getting her veneers, so she took a prospect and removed them in April, 2023.

A private dermatologist patch-tested Lily for 100 different allergens - none were flagged for the cause

A personal skin doctor patch-tested Lily for 100 diverse allergens – none were flagged for the result in

‘My dentist said she’d include the price tag, mainly because I was evidently struggling,’ Lily added.

‘She was so worried that filing them off might give me an anaphylactic shock – but the good news is, it was high-quality.

‘By mid-Could this 12 months, my face had fully cleared up.’

Healthcare specialist Dr Helen Evans-Howells mentioned it is really feasible to have an allergic reaction to composite veneers.

 ‘Allergic reactions to composite veneers are likely to be triggered by the resin employed within just these goods,’ she said. 

‘Commonly, this would result in make contact with dermatitis which is prompted by a delayed allergic response.

‘This would tend to existing with irritation at the web-site of the veneers or mouth ulcers. On event, reactions these as eczema, or eye inflammation can manifest.’

An allergic response is a physique responding to a substance that is commonly regarded harmless, but sometimes the immune system thinks it is a danger and may perhaps overreact. 

Allergic reactions can affect anybody, but you are a lot more probable to have or produce an allergy if your mothers and fathers have them.

What are allergic reactions? 

An allergy is in which your human body reacts to a little something which is normally harmless like dust or animal fur. 

The signs or symptoms can be mild, but for some folks they can be extremely serious.

Causes of allergies:

Issues that bring about allergic reactions are identified as allergens.

Prevalent allergens incorporate:

  • Tree and grass pollen (hay fever)
  • Property dust mites
  • Foods, these types of as peanuts, milk and eggs (foodstuff allergy)
  • Animal fur, specifically from pets like cats and puppies
  • Insect stings, this kind of as bee and wasp stings
  • Certain medications

Indicators of an allergic response can consist of: 

  • A runny nose or sneezing 
  • Pain or tenderness all-around your cheeks, eyes or forehead 
  • Coughing, wheezing or breathlessness 
  • Itchy skin or a elevated rash (hives) 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Sensation or remaining ill
  • Swollen eyes, lips, mouth or throat

Supply: NHS