Conflicted About Enjoying Orgasms? Vibrators May Help

Have you always struggled to orgasm or have deeply rooted feelings that female sexual pleasure is wrong? If so, you’re not alone. This unfortunate belief has robbed many women of the joy of sex for centuries. However, a vibrator may help you break through this belief and enjoy sex.

Is It Wrong to Orgasm?

While it might seem hard for some people to believe, many women may still feel that an orgasm is not a healthy reaction to sexual stimulation. This old-school idea is still taught in many homes and families and may complicate a woman’s emotional connection with her partners late into life.

For example, a woman who has given up the philosophical or religious ideas that inform the idea that pleasure is “wrong” may still struggle to understand that idea emotionally. In other words, they know that it is okay to orgasm intellectually but have a hard time accepting it emotionally.

As a result, they may be open about their sexual life and even have multiple partners throughout their life without truly achieving a great orgasm. Something holds them back from giving into the rush of emotions and they struggle to feel comfortable enjoying sex with anybody.

Unfortunately, this may lead a woman to doubt her enjoyment of sex in general and make it harder for her to feel comfortable. She may even stop having sex completely because she struggles to accept that orgasms are enjoyable and may end up closing herself off emotionally to others.

Therefore, it is important to find ways to break through this orgasm barrier and learn to love your sexuality. The easiest way to do this is to explore it yourself using various sexual tools and toys. For instance, a vibrator is often the best way for women to learn to accept their sexual desire.

Should You Get a Vibrator?

If you’re struggling to accept the pleasure of an orgasm but want to break through this complex, it might be a good idea to seriously consider a vibrator. Tools like a bunny vibrator are a powerful way to understand your body and explore it without feeling guilty about your actions.

For instance, you may find a vibrator works better than having sex because you control the action and can stop whenever you want. You can also experiment with what feels good to you and find a wonderful orgasm motion or action that makes your sexual experiences much more pleasurable.

As you learn more about your body and feel comfortable with your orgasms, you may find yourself opening up emotionally to your partner. Accepting that your lovemaking can and should feel good may help you feel more connected to them and improve your emotional relationship in many ways.

This stronger emotional connection can even make the sexual experience more potent by enhancing your attraction to that person. Creating this type of positive feedback loop is a fantastic way of creating a beautiful sexual experience that you’ll love well into your adulthood and even your later years.

Even better, you can learn to use vibrators with your partner, whether they are male or female. For example, your male partner may start using it on you to help you orgasm more easily, or you may use one on them to help them experiment with their sexuality in fun and unforgettable ways.

Make the Smart Choice

There’s no reason that you and orgasms have to be enemies. Instead, you can embrace your sexual desire and learn to enjoy making love to your partner. You can get there by using a vibrator as your guide.